Mission Statement

Providence Church exists to support and extend ministries of Jung Myung Seok.
Our goal is to proclaim the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to all we can using every effective mean available to us.
We also hope to equip the church and others in the faith to do the same.

Providence Church History

Providence Church started in Korea under the name Christian Gospel Mission.
After the ministry expanded overseas, we organized the various branches of ministry by country.
You can find more info about the Christian Gospel Mission by looking at their website (only Korean).

Pastor Jung Myung Seok first began spreading the Gospel in 1978 when he moved to Seoul from his hometown Wolmyeongdong.

Using his apartment as a place to teach the Bible,
Jung Myung Seok grew his home church little by little.
Now, people from all of Korea and the word have learned about God’s amazing love and grace through him.

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